Our Prop Team Works With Red Robin to Create A Fantasy Land

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

It’s pouring down outside on this Wednesday, July 26th, but one only needs to peak inside Studio A at Somoroff Studios to see the weather does little to stunt the cohesive creativity at its most powerful. After watching the Bolt computer controlled robot/camera in action, there remains one more ASTONISHING thing left to see: the crew feeding off the endless energy of director Michael Somoroff.

Production assistant Franco, (left) in conversation with Daniel( right).
Production assistant Franco, (left) in conversation with Daniel( right). | Photo by @Mo_Rabbani

The magic behind the scenes might have been lost except for production assistant Mo Rabbani capturing the essence of each moment with his culture of extraordinary BTS. In real time, Jerry Andrews, Director of Somoroff’s Lab+ operates the cutting edge motion control tool by Bolt technology, inspiring a feeling of awe throughout the team. Of course this is one of many on going special effects projects the studio is engaged in.

Under the direction of Somoroff, the set builders, remind us that there is little that distinguishes this room from one of Somoroff’s museum projects. His knowledge of the tools and the ease at which he uses them inflates the air in one side of the room. While on the other side, the showcase of pure passion by the studio riggers makes one believe in the masterful craft of this cutting edge team.

Business director Cameron Gray is maintaining constant communication with the agency, our in-house social media consultant stops by to snap some IG stories for our dedicated online community.

As the rainy day comes to an end, a knowing smile washes over everyone’s face. It’s the immediate reward granted to those who create a magical alternative world.

With no sign of fatigue, everyone already begins discussion of tomorrow’s project. Tomorrow — we bring Red Robin's dream spot to life, a work of art that will reach the hearts of millions.  Yum Yum! 

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article contributed by Peace Simon, Photography by Mo Rabbani and Peace Simon (c) July2018