Somoroff Plus Studios Produces Oreo Special Effect Extravaganza For FCB New York

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

It’s not easy to fill a whole room with chocolate…especially when its full of children. but if anyone can do it, Michael Somoroff can. He doesn’t need a computer to do it for him, he’s been solving problems like this in camera long before computers came along. He just needs his masterful team of stealth technicians, his endless imagination and his long history of superlative craft.


To advertise Oreo’s new chocolate candy bar, Somoroff approached the task with an infinite respect and honor for the food as the hero of the project. As a master in Tabletop, Somoroff knows just how addicting, crave-able, and alluring chocolate can look and his most recent project for Oreo proved just how extensive this knowledge is.

Rather than relying on CGI, Somoroff relied on skill i.e. great lighting, super camera work and his friends in Hamburg, Germany special effects masterminds Effective Team and BLM Film. On the day of shooting, the studio was an intoxicating mix of fervor and brilliance laced with the aroma of chocolate. Buckets of chocolate waited patiently to be poured into small kitchen models as the team made final touches. As the camera’s rolled, the crew simultaneously sighed with satisfaction.

They had turned the dream of an all-encompassing chocolate invasion into an on-screen reality.

Kids Eating Oreos in TV Commercial

The commercial was a reminder that it’s not just the satisfying taste of an Oreo that makes it everyone’s favorite cookie, but, rather, the moments associated with it. As the cookie transformed into a portable candy bar, these moments became possible anytime, anywhere.

Because of the magic of the Somoroff Plus Studio, viewers knew their favorite cookie had just become so much more.

It wasn’t easy to fill a room with chocolate, but Somoroff found a way to make it tasty.