The Untold Legacy Of Alexey Brodovitch.

Updated: Aug 12, 2018

Our story begins in the “Mad Men” era of advertising with the most influential art director of all time; Alexey Brodovitch.

The year was 1936. Alexey Brodovitch, legendary art director at Harper’s Bazaar from 1934-1958, revolutionized magazine design. With his directive “Astonish me,” he inspired some of the greatest visual artists of the 20th Century; Diane Arbus, Richard Avedon, Lillian Bassman, Lou Dorfsman, Wilfred Doyle, Steve Frankfurt, Louis Faurer, Milton Glaser, William Helburn, Hiro, Marvin Israel, Art Kane, Jay Maisel, Irving Penn, Ben Rose, Jerry Schatzberg, Henry Wolf and of course, Ben Somoroff. Brodovitch brought everyone into the conversation, creating a network of creators instituting Saturday seminars which he named the Design Laboratory.

Brodovitch’s legacy extended far beyond the magazine pages. It was a benchmark moment that created the advertising culture we know today. These creators Brodovitch nurtured helped shape and transform the very foundation of magazine, advertising, television, and art. There exists a direct lineage to where it all started. The Design Laboratory often took place at the Somoroff Studio, then at 421 East 54th Street, New York City. Since 1947, Somoroff Studios has been the meeting place of artistry, the crossroad of collaboration and the root of the great American still life.

The dynamism and individual voice of Brodovitch is found today at Somoroff+ Studios.