From his earliest days of working as a freelance filmmaker,Tom Bracone, found his busy schedule to be filled working in the Tabletop genre with most of the notable Director/Cameramen doing commercials.The years spent working with these very talented and creative individuals helped instill the desire and discipline to pursue this type of work. Currently, Tom divides his time by going into his forth season of shooting 2nd unit Photography (Episodic Tabletop,as he prefers to call it) on “Elementary”, the crime drama airing on CBS, and finishing a couple of new Tabletop spots he recently Shot for Somoroff Studios.

He recently Directed and Shot an award winning “Micro Short” film for iPhone called “A Day in the Life”, the film was accepted and screened in eight international film festivals and utilizes the techniques and tools of Tabletop photography in a narrative form. Having the support and resources of Somoroff+ Studios has allowed him the freedom to continue to pursue his passion.